Grow your virtual team

Sensi is a conversational AI assistant that saves time for you and your team by breaking down long and complex business workflows into quick and simple discussions.

Why Sensi?

Easy access

Accessible through multiple communication platforms


Have a natural conversation with Sensi to find answers to your questions. No need to learn query-specialized databases

Full Data Integration

Synthesizes and digests information from multiple data sources from R&D, patents and business

Instant Reports and Slide Decks

Immediately generates answers, reports and slidedecks in the most suitable form

Distributes workflows

Enabling distributed workflows by routing questions to colleagues

Internal Integration

Integrates with your internal databases or management platforms

Adds skills

Guides you through innovation and product development workflows


Teach it new skills integrating your own data using our no code AI platform


Can be adapted to your needs and application

Is safe

Can be hosted on premise or in our secure cloud 

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