Unlock your innovation

Siftlink pioneers the development of technology for a new innovation era in which people and artificial intelligence work together

Who we are

We started Siftlink to develop artificial intelligence solutions that accelerate innovation towards improving quality of life. Our team has decades of experience in industrial and scientific innovation –  ranging from R&D and patents to data science and product development. We believe that integrating artificial intelligence with human domain expertise is the best way to tackle difficult problems and to develop superior innovation processes. What unites us is our fascination for exploring the boundaries of what is technologically possible and turning our findings into real-life applications.

Our mission

Bringing new products to market has become a complex, strenuous, and risky process. More information and more decisions have to be provided by an increasing number of departments, including R&D, regulatory, marketing, patents and compliance. Coordinating these stakeholders simply takes too much time – and ultimately slows down your product innovation pace. At Siftlink, we empower clients to overcome innovation bottlenecks and succeed in highly competitive markets with products and services that combine artificial intelligence with human domain expertise. Our team is deeply passionate about exploring the interface between artificial intelligence and human intellect with the aim to develop applications that accelerate innovation and solve real-world problems.


Yiannis Kourmpetis, PhD

Founder and CEO

    Kees Schller, PhD

    Chairman of the Board